"Big Bank" technology
that all banks can use

PULPSTM  Loan Pricing System

We provide banks with a competitive advantage through better pricing of their commercial loans. Regulators are looking for Banks to show profit in loan pricing and a reproducable consistent methodology.

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Watch our 2 minute introductory video # 1 with Phill Rowley explaining why you need to use a model to do loan pricing. In just 2 minutes you will learn how PULPS can improve your loan pricing!

 Why Banks need to use a Loan Pricing Model

Check out our introductory video # 2 below
It looks at how banks set commercial loan prices. This is a short 2 minute video is set to music.

How Banks use a loan Pricing Model

Video #3 Training on how to use PULPS. Taught by Phill Rowley.
14 min.

 Training on PULPS Commercial Loan Pricing Model


The Hurdle Group provides the PULPS as an online service to take the mystery out of loan pricing. PULPS is an advanced tool for pricing loans and understanding the profitability of your loans. This is "Big Bank" technology that all banks can use.

Maximize your bank's bottom line with PULPS

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